Complete Dentures

Premium Precision Complete Dentures

The most popular option at our clinic – Precision Dentures. They are constructed using only the highest-grade materials and involve a more technical component. The denture base is fabricated through an injection process allowing for a better and more accurate initial denture fit.

Using the highest quality four (4) individually layered teeth allow the us to achieve a natural looking smile and prolong the life of your denture. Custom gingival contouring can be added to bring the gum areas to life, replicating a natural gum appearance. Additionally, we offer variations in acrylic colour, teeth moulds and shade to recreate your own personal smile just for you.

Standard Precision Complete Dentures

Standard Precision Dentures are a simpler and less involved system that provides a well-fitting quality denture that is economically priced. Requiring less appointments, Standard Precision Dentures are ideal for those who are interested in replacement of something that already worked well. Using high quality acrylic and 3 layered teeth, this solution is ideal for those who are looking to smile in a short period of time.

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