Immediate Dentures

Transitional Immediate dentures are designed to help you transition from your natural teeth to a prosthetic appliance. With this process our patients never have to go without teeth as the denture is fabricated prior to extractions and placed immediately after natural dentition is removed.

Immediate dentures help the healing process as they act like a band aid promoting blood clotting and protecting against dry socket. It is important to know that during the healing process your bone will start to shrink. The rate at which this happens depends solely on the individual and will start to slow down over the next several months.

We understand that every patient is different and each treatment plan will not be the same, however our ideal recommended treatment in most cases consists of:

  1. Fabrication of transitional immediate denture to wear until bone initial bone resorption decreases.
  2. Tissue conditioners are placed during above timespan to offset bone resorption and fill gaps.
  3. After bone resorption rate decreases, final denture is fabricated.

This is the recommended treatment because the denture is placed same day after your natural teeth are removed and will not fit after a few months. This is because the bone where your teeth once were will rapidly shrink over the period of 6-12 months. Aesthetics may be compromised during this time and no wax try in was able to be done prior to placement. Using a transitional immediate denture during the healing phase and then creating a fresh new final denture ensures a aesthetically pleasing smile with a proper long lasting fit.

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